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Steven has boiled it all down to this one book.  You can read all the 'other' books, or you can read Doors Open When You Knock.
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  work less, make more,
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Use this book to help you STOP doing the following:

  • NO MORE being on-call 24/7
  • STOP being upset about your progress / lack of progress
  • LET GO of being overwhelmed
  • ​STOP worrying about things outside of your control
  • ​STOP being stressed about where your next commission
              check is coming from                   

Doors Open When You Knock will help you

  • Be clear about WHY you got into this business (be fulfilled every day)
  • Set your vision and goals for what really matters to YOU - regardless of what "everyone else" is doing
  • ​Define your Most-Important-Action, leaving you with guilt-free time every day
  • Disappear overwhelm, leaving your mind clear and at peace
  • ​Be confident that what you are doing every day produces a business that leaves you empowered - financially and emotionally
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Steven is professional and dynamic trainer, facilitator, and speaker.  Prepare to have your group engaged, enlivened, and in-action.
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